Weybridge Community Hospital


On Wednesday 12th July, I visited the site of the devastating fire which destroyed Weybridge Community Hospital. Upon arrival, I observed the final Silver Briefing with representatives from the Police, Fire and Rescue Services, Elmbridge Borough Council and Central Surrey Health (CSH). I was then shown around the remains of the hospital by Bryn Strodwick, Chief Fire Officer on the scene, and Stephen Cass, Chief Executive of CSH.

On Friday 14th July, I visited Walton Community Hospital, where a large number of the displaced services have been temporarily relocated to, and met again with Stephen Cass, as well as a number of NHS staff and patients.

It is truly remarkable that just two days after this terrible fire both GP practices, the phlebotomy service, x-ray, specialist nursing and school nursing services are ready to open their doors again. The fact that there has been hardly any break in services after such a devastating incident is a huge tribute to the commitment and hard work of staff from across the NHS to get things back up and running. The people of Weybridge owe them a huge debt.

Once again, I want to thank all of those involved in the response for the swift and assured way in which they dealt with the fire and with evacuating those in potential danger.